Dec 14, 2014 · 1 minute

Thanks to everyone who took part in Pando's caption contest, in which we invited you to add some much-needed context to the above photo of Travis Kalanick feeding some children.

First off, kudos to Pando readers for dozens of great entries. Who knew you were all so funny? Staff favorites include:

"How much would you pay for this vegetable slice? Well, sorry, it's lunch time and you are hungry: Surge pricing is in effect, it's $9 per slice. It's simple economics, really." -- (Submitted by Bill Plein)
"Now you see, even though this vegetable helps me grow and become rich and powerful, it doesn't mean that the vegetable is actually MINE. I contracted with God to grow this, so I get to eat it and taste it and benefit from its nutrients without having any of the responsibility of planting, growing and watering it! See? It's my Brussels Sprout partner!" -- (Submitted by "stepaway")
and the delightful....
KID: "Radicchio in a cobb salad?"

TK: "The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me."  (Submitted by "Billdarryl") But the winner -- who takes away a one-year Pando membership, a can of Axe body spray and a copy of David Plouffe’s book “The Audacity To Win” -- is Daniel Schiller for....

 "I can prove something very specific about your preschool days."
Congratulations Daniel! Email and we'll send you the prize!