Dec 30, 2014 · 1 minute

Courthouse News Service reports that a man hired to help repaint a yacht owned by Larry Page has sued the Google CEO. Why? Because despite vomiting and bleeding from the eyes, ears, and anus, James Grupinksi claims in court he was told by a supervisor to "stop being a baby" and to get back to work on Page's yacht. Yacht interior refit company HF Interior is also listed on the lawsuit.

Citing 12-hour days and insufficient ventilation, Grupinski says that, since being fired the day after his complaint, he's been treated for "seizures, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, neuropathy, neurotoxicity, early-onset Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, and supra-umbilical hernias." He also says that an HF Interior supervisor refused to give him the safety equipment he requested and provided him with a highly toxic petrochemical paint stripper that had been discontinued by its manufacturer for more than a decade.

If what Grupinski claims is true, he certainly has a case against HF Interior, and possibly against the manufacturer of Parks Pro Liquid Paint Stripper. As for Page, it's extremely doubtful that the Google CEO was present on the day in question (or any other) to personally supervise Grupinski's work; I would imagine Page has more pressing duties than overseeing the renovation of his superyacht. But could he still be held liable?

That could depend on a number of factors, according to OSHA rules in California, including the number of hours Grupinski worked, whether he held a license as a contractor, and whether HF provided proof of injury insurance to Page's people.

If Page's lawyers determine that Grupinski has a case, you can almost certainly bet he will look to settle the lawsuit out of court.

[photo by Mr.TinDC]