Jan 12, 2015 · 1 minute

Five days ago, Glenn Greenwald responded angrily to critics who suggested that The Intercept's attempts to discredit the popular Serial podcast were motivated by click-whoring. The fearless truth-teller wrote on Reddit:

Anyone who suggests we're motivated by "click bait" is extremely misinformed. Why would we possibly be motivated by that? Everything about the Intercept is structured so as to make clicks and traffic from vapid posts totally irrelevant. We don't sell ads, or subscriptions, or generate revenue of any kind. That's why we do none of the things that websites typically do that have the primary purpose of generating clicks.
No room for ambiguity there. The Intercept is not driven by profit. They are structured precisely so that they never have to worry about generating revenue of any kind. Anyone who suggests otherwise is a big, fat, misinformed...

...well, let's not be hasty...

This morning, Ad Week reported that the Intercept's owner, "ailing" First Look Media, might soon move to a for-profit model. As part of that, The Intercept would soon be considering ways to... well... sell ads, or subscriptions, or generate revenue of some kind.

The article quotes what is presumably a totally different Glenn Greenwald who also happens to work at First Look, insisting that -- of course! - the Intercept was always structured to one day make money...

'We don't want to be a charity,' said Greenwald. 'We need to figure out how to be self-sustaining down the road. Whether that's ads or something else, we're going to have serious discussions.'
Okey dokey then. Let's all continue to believe a fucking word anyone at First Look says about anything.

[Illustration by Brad Jonas for Pando]