Jan 13, 2015 · 1 minute

Today, the massively successful (struggling and unfocused) ecommerce giant Amazon announced that legendary filmmaker (alleged pedophile) Woody Allen will write and direct a television series for the company's wildly popular (only if included within free trials) streaming service Prime Instant Video.

Allen, whose best film is obviously Annie Hall (Manhattan), gives Amazon a shot of prestige (unwanted controversy) as it competes for eyeballs in the over-the-top (whatever buzzword we're now using to describe "streaming video") market. That competition is getting extremely heated, as more and more tech companies produce original content, and more and more traditional television networks begin to offer digital-only subscriptions. For Amazon, snagging a filmmaker like Allen is crucial (irrelevant) because the victors in this space will be decided by who creates the best programming (strikes the sweetest, net-neutrality-violating deals with service providers).

The announcement comes a day after Amazon's excellent (overrated) Transparent became the first television show created by a tech company to win Best TV Series at the prestigious (meaningless) Golden Globes Awards.

Amazon should be careful (unconcerned) about partnering with Allen. In recent months, audiences have been increasingly intolerant (as forgiving as ever) when it comes to accusations of sexual assault and other abuse lobbed at celebrities. Just look at Bill Cosby (Chris Brown) who has had to cancel numerous tour dates (continues to top the charts) in the wake of unseemly details alleged about his personal life.

But setting aside the potential for controversy, this is a happy (inconsequential) day for television fans, who now have a show to look forward to (ignore) from the guy who made Hannah and the Sisters (Curse of the Jade Scorpion).

[photo by Colin Swan]