Jan 21, 2015 · 1 minute

Amazon is pulling two of its more ambitious products -- its line of branded eco-friendly diapers and a mobile payments application -- after both received lukewarm receptions from its customers.

The diapers brand, Elements, which was meant to show that Amazon could develop its own physical products and sell them to consumers at a lower cost than its competition, was around for under two months. Amazon is offering those who purchased the diapers a $25 gift card to its online marketplace.

The company might eventually re-release the diapers; it said in an email to its customers that the products were pulled from its marketplace because it wants to redesign the product with "early customer feedback" in mind. Its branded baby wipes remain available to consumers.

Amazon Wallet has a murkier future. The application allowed its users to store gift cards and other payment methods on both Android and iOS. Now it's been pulled from both platforms, and unlike the Amazon-branded diapers, it's not clear if the service will ever get another shot.

Neither outcome bodes well for Amazon's efforts to branch out from selling products to creating entirely new categories or manufacturing its own essentials. (Not that its efforts to create tried-and-true products like phones have worked out all that well either, as its Fire Phone shows.)

Indeed, the company seems to have employed a spaghetti-on-the-wall approach to creating new products: throwing things out there in a limited beta, getting some feedback from its customers, and then waiting to see which product sticks with consumers . So far it seems few of them have.