Jan 23, 2015 · 1 minute

SkyMall, the catalog featuring hilariously unnecessary products like a human slingshot and $100 USB cufflinks, has filed for bankruptcy. Poring through the SkyMall catalog was a cherished event for air travelers, at least for those ten or fifteen minutes during takeoff and landing when some flight attendants still give fliers grief for using electronic devices.

The reasons for the liquidationm however, are not necessarily related to the ridiculousness of the selling dog spa gift boxes and contraptions that allow you to sleep standing up. Thanks to the increased availability of wi-fi on flights, who needs SkyMall when you have an entire Internet full of insanity at your fingertips?

In fact, judging by some of the products that caught the media's attention at CES this year, I'm not sure SkyMall and Silicon Valley are so far off in their passion for absurdity. The "Rollkers" at CES? Sounds a lot like these OrbitWheels sold through SkyMall. Or what about the "gTar"? Is it so different than the All-Star Guitar, which is basically a fake guitar you plug into an iPad? Can you even tell which one is from CES and which one is a SkyMall product? Would it help if I told you the gTar raised venture funding -- only $745,000 but still -- lending it the false legitimacy that comes with having VC backers?

SkyMall had frivolous connected devices down way before Silicon Valley stepped up to the plate. With that in mind, see you if you can ace our quiz: CES gadget or SkyMall product?

1. Tao Chair - lets you "work out" your core or whatever while sitting down


2. Private iPhone case 


3. Outdoor HD LCD TV


4. Belty -- belt that adjusts to your waist when you sit down


5. Video Recording Sunglasses


6. Ampstrip Fitness Tracker


7. Electronic Baby Bottle


8. TrekDesk Treadmill Desk


(Answers: 1. CES 2. SkyMall 3. SkyMall, 4. CES, 5. SkyMall, 6. CES, 7. CES, 8. SkyMall)