Jan 23, 2015 · 1 minute

A quick reminder that Don't Be Awful -- our 24-hour event to hatch ideas for a better Silicon Valley -- starts at noon tomorrow in San Francisco, and live online at dontbeawful.com.

Confirmed participants include Jose Antonio Vargas, Rachel Sklar, Tim O'Reilly, David Hornik, Paul Judge, Brad Feld, and many, many more. We're still adding names to the list, so check out the official site for the latest confirmations.

The event runs non-stop from noon on Saturday to noon on Sunday and entry is free to anyone who can make it to San Francisco. If you can't, you can join the fun online via our 24-hour live stream. There will also be opportunities to call, tweet, and email in throughout the event to join in the conversation.

If you are joining in person, the venue is 123 Townsend Street (6th floor), which also happens to be home to our sponsor for the event, Braintree. For security reasons, you'll need to register beforehand here. Note: You'll need to be 21 or over to attend in person because there'll be alcohol served at key parts of the event. (There will also be a late night werewolf game, early morning yoga, and more.)

The event is a huge experiment for us and part of our New Year's resolution to help find solutions to some of the problems we write about here on Pando. At the very least I'm hoping some great ideas get hatched over the 24 hours and that everyone gets a chance to hear voices and opinions that too often get ignored when we talk about tech and entrepreneurship. Braintree is very kindly giving $6,500 in prizes to the best ideas, products, or other contributions created at Don't Be Awful. More on that tomorrow.

I really hope you can join us, either in person or online, at some point during the 24 hours. It's going to be utterly exhausting but hopefully very productive.