Jan 27, 2015 · 1 minute

The Facebook-ification of Twitter continues today with the announcement that Twitter users will now be able to send group messages and upload videos directly to the service.

Expanding the direct messages feature to enable communication with a group of people instead of just one other person shows that Twitter isn't afraid to emulate Facebook, which has offered group messaging for years, in its efforts to attract people to its service.

It also shows that the company hasn't abandoned the direct messages feature, which is what it seemed like when it didn't allow consumers to privately share links with each other, ostensibly because Twitter wanted to crack down on spam sent through the tool.

Twitter's efforts to become more like Facebook include an updated profile design, a new emphasis on sharing photos to its service, and a rush to introduce a native video player which can challenge Facebook's efforts to steal the online video market from YouTube.

Copying these features has been good for Twitter users. It's better for the company to actively improve these features instead of allowing them to languish, which is what it seemed like the company was doing before it started emulating Facebook's designs.

Let's just hope the company continues to emulate Facebook's better features while ignoring some of its bad decisions. Consumers don't need another company exploiting their wireless data plans with automatically-playing videos, for example, or a series of applications which copy other services (Snapchat prime among them) for no reason.

[illustration by Brad Jonas]