Feb 6, 2015 · 0 minutes

According to a Reuters/Ipsos online poll, 42 percent of Americans oppose private ownership of drones.

That's an impressive number, particularly considering that the pollsters say many of the respondents were surveyed before a quad copter crashed on the White House grounds last week. I wonder too if some respondents had confused small consumer unmanned aerial vehicles for the "killing-machine" drones utilized to an unprecedented extent by the Obama administration.

Meanwhile, the percentage of people calling for mere regulation of the small aircrafts almost seems low, at 73 percent. That a full 27 percent of Americans who believe flying robots carrying cameras or other invasive devices, should go fully unregulated (or else they don't know). This regulation from the Federal Aviation Administration has been late in coming, after two years of debates and revisions.

In lieu of actual regulation, the FAA has been content to release cutesy low-budget videos warning users about their use of drones. It's time for real action from the FAA and soon.

[illustration by Brad Jonas]