Feb 10, 2015 · 1 minute

Facebook is making it a little easier to sell things on its social network.

The company has introduced a new feature that allows so-called "For Sale Groups" members to list items, indicate their availability, and decide where they will be sold to other members. It is not clear when the feature will be available to all Groups across Facebook's platforms.

Re/code notes that Facebook isn't actually facilitating the payments itself -- it's simply providing a platform through which people can communicate about what they want to sell.

The result is like a private Craigslist that doesn't require group members to deal with the back-and-forth over where an item should be sold, or if it's even still available. (Don't tell me you've never seen the perfect Craigslist post only to learn it was sold a few weeks ago.)

It's funny that Facebook is going after Craigslist -- which is often credited with gutting the media industry when it obviated the newspaper Classifieds sections -- while it attempts to convince media organizations to publish their content directly to its website and applications.

Maybe someone from the New York Times waltzed into Facebook's offices and demanded the company undo the Times' old enemy as proof of its good intentions. Or maybe it just realized people want to sell things on Facebook and decided to give them what they want.

Either way, it's a win.

[image by Ray_from_LA on Flickr]