Feb 12, 2015 · 1 minute

Pinterest will now allow consumers to download software from its mobile application through "app pins" the company created in partnership with Apple and its App Store.

Apple has also created a new account dedicated to the App Store that will post various applications based on a particular theme, such as an upcoming holiday or other event.

Facebook and Twitter have offered similar features for years, and the App Store's page on both services has around 11.1 million "likes" and 3.2 million followers, respectively.

But Pinterest has something neither of those services have -- users who are actively looking for things they want to buy, watch, download, eat, or otherwise "consume."

As Pando alum Carmel DeAmicis explained back in October 2013:

Pinterest is perfectly positioned for high value, targeted online and mobile advertising. After all, it’s a site where people go to pin pictures of what they want to buy, wear, decorate, visit, eat. That can be served up on a platter to advertisers — they can market straight to the consumers they know want them. Furthermore, they’ll be doing the marketing while the consumers are imagining life with similar products.
Pinterest users have already shown their voracity: the service refers more traffic than most social platforms -- including Twitter -- combined. Facebook is the only one that trumps it.

The service is also much more visual than other social tools, and because the "app pins" aren't just advertisements, they could attract more attention. (From whom would you rather hear about a new app: another Pinterest user or some #brands?)

So there shouldn't be any question about why Apple would pursue a partnership with Pinterest. Instead, the only question we might ask is why it took so long.

[illustration by Brad Jonas]