Feb 27, 2015 · 1 minute

The term "coffee startup" may sound like a punchline to Silicon Valley observers eager to call "bubble" at any investment that doesn't involve self-driving cars or other world-beating technology.

But don't tell that to Blue Bottle Coffee. Just a week after crosstown rival Philz Coffee raised $15 million, the Oakland-based specialty coffee roaster has acquired the Bay Area startup Perfect Coffee. As to Perfect Coffee's caffeinated pedigree, we'll defer to a media outlet that knows far more about this topic than we do, the "Coffee News & Culture" site Sprudge:

Perfect Coffee is "a Bay Area startup dedicated to advancing coffee preserving and grinding technologies, and the creators of a pre-ground coffee system that—wait for it, here’s a value judgement—does not suck."
They even put "does not suck" in bold so it must be true.

This looks to be a pretty standard acquihire, with Perfect Coffee head Neil Day joining Blue Bottle as “Principal, Coffee Technologies.” Day will also reportedly bring his entire team along.

Think "Coffee Technologies" sounds silly? Then come to Pandoland, our annual event running from June 15th-17th in Nashville, where Blue Bottle founder James Freeman and investor Tony Conrad will grace the stage to talk about why it's not crazy for a coffee outfit to have raised $45.7 million in venture funding. They will join 30 other speakers including journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, R&B/hip-hop star Ryan Lesie, Birchbox cofounder Katie Beauchamp. Oh and there will be plenty of Blue Bottle's delicious coffee on hand, which honestly is reason enough to come.

[illustration by Brad Jonas]