Mar 16, 2015 · 1 minute

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 1.41.44 PMThere's a lot going on at Pando right now, all of it good, and we've been meaning to write another "state of Pando" post to share some of the headlines with readers.

The full post will have to wait until we're a bit less swamped with Pandoland preparation, PandoMonthly hosting and... well... breaking news. But there's one company update that won't keep.

As I wrote last week, Q1 2015 is Pando's first profitable quarter. We've had profitable months before, but this is the first full quarter -- and that's already the case with still with a few weeks to go.

One of the best things about our increasingly firm financial footing is that we're able to up the number of reporters and writers on the site. You might have already noticed more contributions from brilliant reporters like Dan Raile and Kevin Kelleher -- and you can can expect to see some new voices in the coming weeks and months.

Which brings us to our latest piece of news, and probably the one that's of most interest to readers: Dennis Keohane is joining Pando.

Dennis joins us from the Boston Globe where he is a senior staff writer for their BetaBoston tech vertical. At Pando, he'll be widening his beat from Boston to the rest of the startup and tech world.

We've long been fans of Dennis' reporting -- and writing -- at the Globe and can't wait for him to start breaking stories for us here at Pando. (Although we'll have to wait two weeks: He starts March 31st.)

In the tradition of all good press releases, we asked Dennis for a quote explaining why he's SO EXCITED to join Pando. He wrote:

The chance to work with the likes of Mark Ames, David Holmes, Nathaniel Mott, as well as Sarah and Paul and everyone else at Pando, is as immense an opportunity as I can imagine as a tech journalist. While it's difficult to leave a hometown media outlet such as The Boston Globe, being able to join Pando is beyond exciting. I'm looking forward to what this next adventure may hold.
He then added "I hate writing about myself. Edit any of this crap as you see fit."

No edits required, Dennis -- there'll be plenty of time for those when you start full time on March 31st. For now: Welcome on board!