Mar 18, 2015 · 1 minute

One of the most memorable segments at our 24-hour Don't Be Awful fest came courtesy of Nick Allen, a former Sidecar executive and co-founder who had become disillusioned with the ridesharing ratrace. While the big competitors in the space like Uber and Lyft had made strides in improving background check requirements, the space still wasn't safe enough to make, for example, many parents comfortable sending their child off with a driver belonging to one of these fleets.

And so in a narrative we saw emerge again and again at our event, Allen sought to take on a space that had seen so much disruption so quickly that it was likely to cause whiplash, and to slow things down, making sure that the safety baby didn't get thrown out with the bathwater.

Thus Shuddle was born, a ridesharing service that has as much in common with child care platforms like and Urban Sitter as with Uber and Lyft. And today the San Francisco-based company has announced a $9.6 million Series A round of funding led by New York's RRE Ventures.

That may pale in comparison to the billions raised by Uber, but Allen's pitch to investors isn't solely about fast, massive growth.

"I think the thing that investors get excited about is that it’s a really big pain point that people can relate to," Allen told me. "Lots of people have kids and families, or know someone that does and how challenging it is to handle the logistics of all that."

Allen adds: "Getting it right in the beginning is more important than doing it really fast."

"Getting it right," however, is expensive. And again, Shuddle lacks the giant warchests of Uber and even Lyft. But Allen is confident that his safety-first approach is also a sound business model.

"As families use this, it almost becomes a daily routine," Allen said."That level of engagement really helps drive the economic model. We can spend more upfront, we can spend more on screening and insurance and all of that because once a parent starts using a service, the amount of times that they use it very high. It’s well above what I saw at my previous company Sidecar."

Watch Allen talk more about Shuddle's unique proposition at our Don't Be Awful fest:

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