Mar 27, 2015 · 1 minute

Earlier this afternoon, in a final twist, the judge in the Pao vs Kleiner trial ordered the jury to go back and try again to reach a majority verdict after confusion over juror votes. A jury aiming to understand what really drives one of the world's most powerful venture first apparently foiled by basic math.

But no matter! A few moments ago, that same jury returned, this time promising that they definitely -- absolutely -- no doubt about it -- have reached a verdict on whether Pao's termination by Kleiner was the result of retaliation or other discrimination.

Their verdict: No.

That verdict still means that Kleiner has been exonerated on all counts. Despite that, Pao was seen smiling at the jury after the decision.

Once the verdict was read, Judge Kahn  released the jury but not before warning them about the sharks in the press.

"It must not have escaped anyones notice that there has been some interest from the press here.... so I'm going to let you go but first ask some questions of you."
At this point, the plaintiffs left the court, followed by most of the press.
"First is whether you wanted to speak with the press?"
Only jurors one, two and four say they are willing to speak to the press, one of whom is the jury forewoman.
Kahn continued: "You have the courts phone number if anyone is not respectful to you...  you are released from your admonitions... You can leave, and I can help you exit through the back door."