Apr 9, 2015 · 1 minute

Funny or Die creative director Andrew Steele said at tonight's PandoMonthly that the comedy network employs the same strategies which have allowed "Saturday Night Live" to stay popular all these years.

Those strategies include: harboring new talent, commenting on topical issues, and asking celebrities to leave their comfort zones for the sake of comedy.

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Funny or Die and "SNL" would have many things in common. The network was founded by SNL alums, and Steele himself wrote sketches for the famous comedy show between 1995 and 2008.

But pointing out these similarities underscored a point Steele, along with Funny or Die chief executive Dick Glover, made earlier in the interview: good content is good content, no matter how it's viewed or how the industry shifts around it.

"Whatever platform you’re working in, it’s always going to be about content and getting eyeballs for that content," Steele said. "Good content drives traffic, and where that traffic is is almost irrelevant to us." That's true for both properties.

Which means the things that have allowed "SNL" to survive the last four decades could be the same things which allow Funny or Die to keep making its videos. Sure, one is a television show that debuted in the '70s and the other's a network that has to reach people through various devices, apps, and services. Big deal.

All that really matters? Bringing in new talent, focusing on topical issues, and making celebrities who might not have a funny bone in their body contribute to something that lives or dies based on whether or not it can make people laugh.

Some things never change.