Apr 16, 2015 · 1 minute

As Etsy makes its Nasdaq debut, what better time to re-watch (a then six month pregnant) Sarah Lacy's in-depth PandoMonthly interview with CEO Chad Dickerson?

As Michael Carney later described the interview, taped in January 2013:

Although not the founder – he joined the company as CTO five years earlier before being promoted to the top role amid a contentious ouster of the company’s founders – Dickerson seemed to possess an innate understanding that Etsy was a community-first platform, and one dedicated to craftsmanship and creativity before commercialism.

Dickerson was clear that selling was a good way to crush all that. But he wasn’t that sold on an IPO either, despite Etsy’s heady valuation and growing revenues. During that chat, he pointed admiringly to a recent recapitalization by SurveyMonkey that saw the company cash out early investors while still remaining private. Etsy had just hired former Fidelity star Kristina Salen as its first ever CFO. It’s the sort of move that would typically be seen as a signal that an IPO was imminent, but Dickerson at the time insisted it was meant to give the company options and flexibility beyond those typically pursued by venture-backed tech companies.

Here's the full video:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtln8tP77iE]