May 21, 2015 · 1 minute

Here at Pando, we're big fans of Mad Men -- or at least I am, to such an extent that I ranked and recapped all 92 episodes the other day.

But you know what's (usually) the worst? Social media accounts and sites that imagine the plots of beloved television shows as if they were made in "modern" times. They aren't categorically bad, but the formulaic nature of the concept enables lazy joke-telling. The most popular of these, Twitter's "Modern Seinfeld," is most guilty of this "classic character + modern website" equation. The most recent reads, "When the WiFi George usually steals suddenly has a password, he becomes addicted to trying to 'hack' in. J:'Just get your own!' G:'NEVER!'" That isn't a joke, it's just a conversation. Modern Seinfeld even inspired its own parody account, the hilarious Seinfeld2000 which is riddled with misspellings, suspiciously specific product placement, and strange references to how "Obame" is ruining the country.

So there was reason to be skeptical when "Mad Men Integrated" made the digital rounds today. The Tumblr reimagines Don Draper and the rest of the Mad Men cast as social media marketers, as if Sterling Cooper had undergone digital integration. And while many of the jokes follow the same "Jerry gets an iPad" formula, Mad Men Integrated works in part because it uses animated GIFs as the medium and therefore allows for visuals to pick up some of the comedic slack. Moreover, other jokes go beyond the formula to really comment on the ridiculousness of today's media landscape. Also, of course everyone but Roger wants Chopotlei