May 29, 2015 · 2 minutes

Over the past week, I've probably changed my opinion a dozen times over how I feel about a new Kickstarter campaign from a Chicago-based "fashion" startup called Public Rec.

At first, my reaction to their All Day Every Day pants was a mix of horror, laughter, and a you've-got-to-be-kidding-me awe. You see, the company is trying to dress up sweatpants.

But as I thought about Public Rec's pants a bit more, the idea of being able to wear sweatpants anywhere and everywhere kind of grew on me. Hell yeah I'd like to rock sweatpants in the board room (that is, the very hypothetical board room).

And just a few minutes ago, I realized that the company is going to be selling the what it is calling "A more stylish alternative to sweatpants, a more comfortable alternative to jeans" for... $95 a pair.


Public Rec, which has more than doubled its initial Kickstarter goal of $15,000, seems to want to appeal to two very different types of consumers. First, it seems like a product that would be worn by the type of dude who buys clothes from Lululemon — honestly, I have no possible idea who that could be. Second, the All Day Every Day pants seems to be in the wheelhouse of the Silicon Valley sweatshirt-aficionados.

I mean, what conveys the "I'm gonna wake up and code all day" vibe that sweatshirt wearing Mark Zuckerberg acolytes want to exude all the time than sweatpants that look like dress pants? I mean these things are hemmed to look like pants with a fake front fly and all!

The company is promoting the pants as the solution to problem that "most" men have of not being comfortable wearing sweatpants in public. Let me just say, for the record, that anyone who is concerned about what people will think about wearing sweatpants outside of their house has a lot more issues than those that can be solved by slacks with an elastic waist.

Public Rec was created by a former finance guy and self-proclaimed "sweatpants-aficiando" named Zach, who -- and here's the real shocker -- came up with the tailored sweatpants idea when he was in college.

But, come on. Jeans aren't comfortable enough and are too dressy? I don't know what I am looking forward to seeing first, someone rocking a Silicon Valley Tuxedo with the dress sweatpants and a startup sweatshirt, or someone going all in and throwing the All Day Every Day pants together with a dress shirt and a blazer.

And they're only 95 bucks!