Jun 18, 2015 ยท 2 minutes

IdeaPaint, the whiteboard paint company, has always had a close relationship to the startup and technology world. Many of its first clients were Internet companies looking to turn every single space in their offices into a brainstorming or ideation canvas.

Today, the company is launching its own mobile app, called Bounce, to make anything written on its whiteboard walls recordable and shareable for companies to more easily collaborate on projects.

One of the key features of the app is that the images and the information recorded in those images can be annotated and allows ideas and meetings that feature whiteboard sessions searchable. The app also allows users to add and annotate what has been recorded from a whiteboard session.

According to IdeaPaint CEO John Stephans, the company developed its own app because many of the organizations that use its paint products were asking the company to find a way to take the information that had been written on its walls to a shared, collaborative platform. "Our customers have told us that IdeaPaint is unbelievable for the amount of energy it brings to a company's thinking and the amount of actions that come out of that thinking," Stephans said. "They wanted to find a way to keep the momentum from their meetings going long after those sessions ended and to be able to share them with people who weren't involved in person."

"The app allowed us to build functionality to take those sessions from the wall to a company's various teams, whether they were in the meeting or not, all the way to those ideas were actioned," Stephans added.

IdeaPaint has 150,000 of its premium dry erase paint installations around the world which can turn any smooth surface into an erasable whiteboard. Bounce was developed in collaboration with well-known Boston advertising firm Hill Holliday's innovation lab Project Beacon.

"We always have considered ourselves a communication technology company," said Stephans. "We have thought about how we expand our offerings to our customers and how we can stay out in front our how our customers collaborate and communicate. Bounce fits clearly into the entire tech ecosystem."

"You can have now have an session on the IdeaPaint wall, capture it, and then start sharing it with Bounce," Stephans said.

The app in its current state is a interesting addition to IdeaPaint's paint products and an effort from the company to expand its brand identity. Additionally, due to the number of organizations that already have used its paint products, it has the ability to push the app out as a communication and collaboration tool to its existing partners.

But, when it comes down to it, Bounce is just a glorified note taking app. If the company can add other features, it could continue to grow as a leader in the meeting and collaboration space.