Jun 19, 2015 ยท 2 minutes

Let's face it: The Pando team-- and many of our guests-- just aren't going to stop swearing on stage. So at this year's Pandoland, which just wrapped up in Nashville, we decided to monetize all that profanity with a digital swear jar and leaderboard. The cost was $10 a swear, with all proceeds going to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

St Jude's is a cause very dear to my heart. Not only did I grow up in Memphis and got to see first hand a lot of amazing work St. Jude does, but as anyone who has been around me for five minutes knows, my children are the absolute light of my life. I can't imagine the horror of anything happening to them. No child is ever refused treatment at St. Jude. More impressive: Families never receive a bill from the hospital for travel, treatment, housing, or food. It costs $2 million a day to run St. Jude, and I wish we'd sworn enough to make a meaningful dent in that number. Next year we need to invite Ben Horowitz.

The digital swear jar was built and maintained by David Repas an awesome local Nashville entrepreneur we met at our pre-Southland Hackathon last year, who generously offering his time and talents to build the swear jar and even track the individual swears. (Ironically, David almost never swears.)

Here's the final tally... (In my defense, I was on stage for pretty much the whole event.)

Sarah Lacy:  $370 David Hornik: $70 Bradford Shellhammer: $60 Paul Carr: $40 Mike Herring: $20 Bijan Sabet: $20 David Holmes: $10 Alex Haro: $10 Andy Sparks: $10 Jose Antonio Vargas: $10 Katia Beauchamp: $10 Michael Sippey: $10

Particularly impressive was August Capital's David Hornik who wasn't even planning on  being on stage, much less swearing on stage. He bought a ticket and traveled to Nashville originally just to attend Pandoland. I drafted him at the last minute into leading a salon conversation called, "Have Silicon Valley VCs lost their minds?" that got him a few of those swear points. But it was when he unexpectedly stormed the stage during the startup competition's term sheet negotiation to advocate on behalf of the winning company Umano that he really upped his total. (And also created one of the most memorable moments of the entire event. I spent half of Wednesday night trying to convince people we didn't set it up.)

So here's what happens next: The Pando Staff is going to round our total of $420 up to an even $1,000 and donate to St. Jude by clicking on the BIG RED DONATE button on this page. It couldn't be easier. We are trusting our other attendees to do the same.... and encouraging them to also round their swears up to $1,000. We'll update this article when we know how many each donated. (And, of course, if you'd like to make a donation yourself, you absolutely should. We'll note that here too.)

Thanks again for all the speakers, judges and mentors who helped make Pandoland an absolutely one-of-a-kind event -- and of course to everyone who joined us in Nashville. We're already planning next year's event and can't wait to share details with you soon!

[Illustration by Brad Jonas for Pando]