Jun 30, 2015 ยท 0 minutes
Content. The vast majority of our time online (and bandwidth used) is spent consuming it. But damned if it isn't near impossible to build a business producing, distributing and curating it. 
The original lineup for our Pandoland 2015 content discussion with Marc Ruxin, formerly of TastemakerX and Rdio, and Jason Hirschhorn of MediaRedef. These are two men who obsessively consume more long form writing, music and movies than anyone else I know. But when Hirschhorn got snagged in weather delays, former Twitter and SAY Media exec Michael Sippey ably stepped up to fill in. 
Our conversation centered around three disruptive trends in the fields of online content: Netflix's astounding and rapid success in developing original series, Apple's much dissected entry into music, and publishers finally caving to the power of the Newsfeed and just publishing directly to Facebook.
Among the debates: Why do so many more people willingly pay for video but not music and will that ever change? And do any of the now dominant platforms in music, blogging and video mean new talent has an easier road breaking in?
Here's the full video:

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/132086566]