Aug 12, 2015 · 1 minute

After a brief hiatus for Pandoland, our Pando Monthly event series returns next week with not one, but two special guests.

Next Thursday in San Francisco, Sarah Lacy will be joined on stage by David Sze and Reid Hoffman, both of Greylock Partners.

It’ll be a fascinating conversation as Sze and Hoffman have had several roles together. Sze was one of the first investors in Hoffman’s LinkedIn-- and it was one of Sze’s biggest hits. The two frequently invested side-by-side as VC and angel in the earliest Web 2.0 deals-- from home runs like Facebook to eventual disappointments like Digg. Now, the two are partners in the same firm.

It’s hard to find a duo that has funded more top companies shaping where the Web has gone and where it’s going. And the comeback and West Coast reinvention of the venerable Greylock brand is an entrepreneurial story in its own right.

With the return of Pando Monthly, we’re allocating tickets for the event a little differently from now on. If you’re a Pando member, you can attend the event in person -- or watch the online livestream -- completely free as part of your membership. Simply go here and mark yourself as attending. Note: Spaces are strictly limited so please only RSVP if you’re definitely planning to attend.

We quietly put tickets on sale a short while ago and already half the places are filled. If you’re not already a Pando member, you can join right now for just $10 and instantly reserve your place. As always, your ticket gets you access to the event plus all the pizza and beer you can responsibly consume. You’ll also be able to re-watch video of the event afterwards in our members’ area.

A few members have asked if they can bring a guest to the event. Right now we’re prioritizing offering places to members but if we have any spare seats for guests, we’ll contact confirmed attendees early next week to offer a plus one.

See you next Thursday!