Aug 14, 2015 ยท 1 minute

The waiting is over! (You were waiting, right?)

After a brief hiatus while we relaunched Pando, hosted Pandoland and broke a story or three, PandoLIVE is coming back -- today.

Yep, we’ve moved the show from Monday to Friday to better allow us to round up the week’s big stories. This week that means the demise of Zirtual, Tim Draper’s new reality TV show, Donald Trump and Roger Stone, Netflix’s new parental policies, Jack Dorsey’s Twitter stock and more.

In another change from the previous format, the livestream will be available to Pando members only and we’ll be taking calls, emails and Tweets from members throughout. The podcast version will be available for free to everyone as before -- but non-members will have to wait til Monday for that.

Everything else about the show remains as before: Your hosts -- the two of us -- our guests -- the cream of Pando staff and tech industry luminaries -- and of course Paul's horrible taste in girly country music.

Pando members join us LIVE for this week’s episode, starting right here on this page (bookmark it!) at 1:30pm Pacific. (If you’re not already a member, sign up right here, right now.)