Sep 8, 2015 · 0 minutes

Every year at our annual conference, in addition to the $100k grand prize chosen by the judging panel, we award a smaller “Pando prize” to the company our editorial team likes best.

Last year, music startup Artiphon walked away with the Pando prize -- and shortly afterwards launched a $75k Kickstarter campaign that ended up bringing in over $1.3m.

This year the Pando prize was won by Peeq -- a brilliant, and brilliantly simple, microphone-in-a-ball that our team fell in love with the moment we saw it. And now comes the inevitable crowdfunder-- a $30,000 “flex funding” campaign on Indiegogo which launched four days ago and has already passed $11,000.

To help you decide whether to add some dollars of your own, you can watch the video of founder Shane Cox’s pitch below. Look out for a cameo by Artiphon’s Mike Butera who generously agreed to mentor Peeq ahead of the competition.