Sep 9, 2015 ยท 1 minute

If you were one of the 700-or-so people who joined us at the phenomenal Pandoland 2015, you're probably worried that we couldn't possibly improve on the event in 2016.

Well, worry no longer. Today, we're delighted to announce the first, very early, details of Pandoland 2016 and -- hooooo boy -- you're not going to want to miss this. 

First off, we're thrilled to announce our first three confirmed speakers: former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, award-winning novelist (entrepreneur, poet, essayist...) Margaret Atwood, and entrepreneur and Paypal mafioso and University of Illinois grad Max Levchin. Any one of those alone is worth the flight to Chicago.

Ah, yes, Chicago. For 2016, Pandoland is moving to the windy city for an event that's bigger, bolder and better than anything we've done before. In an upcoming post we'll explain a lot more about why we're bringing the event to Chicago. But anyone who is a student of Silicon Valley history knows the role the city has played in establishing the very foundations of the Internet as we know it today. 

Of course, in addition to dozens of speakers to be announced between now and next June, Pandoland 2016 will also see the return of our $100k startup contest. More details on how to apply for that coming soon. 

For now, consider this your save the date announcement for June 13th-14th 2016. If you know you want to join us -- and Dick Costolo, Margaret Atwood and Max Levchin -- in Chicago next year, you can lock down your all-access pass right now at the extreme early bird rate of just $399 (the regular price is almost twice that.) 

We guarantee there will be no cheaper ticket price than this. The price goes up later this year as we start to announce more speakers. The extreme early bird catches the extreme early worm. 

Go here right now to get your all-access pass to Pandoland 2016.

We can't wait to see you next year in Chicago!