Sep 11, 2015 ยท 0 minutes

Two years ago, Fred Wilson sat down with Sarah Lacy in New York for a PandoMonthly interview.

When Sarah asked for his thoughts about the importance, and risk, of hype when starting a company, Wilson gave an answer that deserves to be played on loop in the office of every Silicon Valley startup. Or at the very least, reposted on Pando at least once every couple of years. As Wilson explains it, hype is the ultimate "good problem to have."

So here's your biennial reminder...

"Hype is a drug. As the entepreneur you can't resist it. But as the entrepreneur it'll bite you in the ass every time. So if you choose to build your company on hype, you're going to have to live with the consequences."

 The full clip is below. And don't forget: Pando members can watch our entire PandoMonthly video archive here.  

For more good problems to have, watch Sarah Lacy's full webinar with Phil Libin, Andy Dunn and Andy McLoughlin.


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