Sep 21, 2015 · 2 minutes

For a little over a year now, we've produced an hour of live radio a week in the form of PandoLIVE. 

The live format works really well, allowing us to discuss the week's biggest stories with Pando contributors and other special guests. But the once weekly format means there's only a limited number of stories we can cover, and also that some stories from early in the week are stale by the time the show rolls around on Friday.

At NSFWCORP, Paul and his team broadcast NSFWLIVE ("from high above the Las Vegas Strip...") every day. That solved the topicality problem but also drove them half mad, as fans will testify.

Still, you've told us you want more PandoLIVE each week, so we've come up with a compromise which we hope you'll be as excited about as we are. Starting this week -- and just as an experiment at first -- PandoLIVE will now be broadcast three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, always at 1:30pm Pacific. 

The format of the show will stay broadly the same, but with less music and more guests (for licensing reasons we have to edit the music out of the podcast anyway.) We'll also be bringing back listener call-ins for the Friday show. 

As another change, the live show will be unlocked for everyone -- not just members. The ability to listen again to previous shows on Pando will, however, be locked to members only. That seems fairer and more logical than doing it the other way around.

But there's more! Between the live shows, we'll continue to stream around the clock: A wide range of specially-produced (by us!) audio programmes including interviews with leading tech figures (including extracts from previous PandoMonthly interviews and Pandoland) and one-off presentations. Every other Wednesday at 2:30pm Pacific (right after the live show) we'll bring you the latest episode of War Nerd Wednesday, starring our very own Gary Brecher and co-hosted by Mark Ames. 

The 24-hour format also allows us to broadcast special additional live shows to respond to breaking news. Keep an eye on Pando's Twitter feed for details of those. 

We're in the process of building a fully featured site for Radio Pando -- as we say, it's still just an experiment -- but in the meantime, you can access the live stream right here. Or open iTunes, go to File > Open Stream and paste the URL below.

And make sure you're turned in today at 1:30pm Pacific for the live show.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the format, and suggestions for other shows. is the address to use. We'll read out the best emails on air during the live shows.