Oct 13, 2015 ยท 1 minute

There is exactly one element of Snapchat I am not bullish on: Discover.

Last winter it got a full-throated media endorsement as the answer to the deca-corn’s monetization problem. That was premature. While Discover may be great for a group of millennials who can be (and are) trotted out as anecdotal proof when the mainstream media feels the need to reassure itself, the vast majority of Snapchat’s audience doesn’t get it, can’t find it, or feels alienated by the “YOUNG PEOPLE LIKE THIS SHIT, RIGHT?” content.

The real key to Snapchat’s future is -- clearly-- with live stories, which, according to some sources, are totally some four billion views per day.

Yesterday, Snapchat decided to abruptly shut down its own channel on Discover, Snap Channel, despite several high profile hires and elaborate plans.

From Deadline Hollywood:

"The sudden course reversal came just as Snap Channel’s programming team was settling into a new 12,000-square-foot studio facility in Marina del Rey where they had moved in just weeks ago. The facility likely will be used for other employees of the company.

For original content, Snapchat will rely solely on its Discover content partners for the time being. Snapchat ventured into ad-supported content with the January rollout of its revenue-generating Discover platform, which features articles and videos from 15 media brands, including ESPN, Comedy Central, Cosmopolitan, CNN, National Geographic, Vice and Yahoo.

According to insiders, Snapchat’s original goal for the Snap Channel was to experiment with what goes into creating successful content, knowledge that they were looking to use for the features done with the company’s partners on the Discover platform and for improving the platform overall, something that had been accomplished."

It’s not yet a total abandonment of Discover, but it’s certainly not a ringing endorsement of it either. If the goal of Snap Channel was to experiment with how content partners could make Discover work… it may have provided its own answer.

You have to wonder how Jack Dorsey would feel if Snapchat abandons Discover, given Twitter’s great hope of a product, Moments, is said to be heavily inspired by it.