Oct 21, 2015 ยท 1 minute

A few years ago I learned that a very successful entrepreneur, whose product is known and worshipped around the world, was a Pando reader. Only it wasn’t an entrepreneur I’d ever met or even one who worked in the tech industry: it was Greg Glassman of CrossFit.

While he doesn’t run a tech company, he did found CrossFit in the Bay Area, and the company has a rabid base of fans in the tech world. His libertarian ethos is widely admired here as well. That meant one thing: Glassman had to do a PandoMonthly. Fortunately, he agreed.

Most profiles of Glassman are … entertaining to say the least. From an Inc profile written by my former BusinessWeek co-worker and friend Burt Helm:

 But the truth is--and this is apparent to anyone watching Glassman wile away an afternoon at El Borracho--that CrossFit's success doesn't derive from any conventional business strategy. Glassman doesn't behave the way he's supposed to. Sometimes he rebels out of cunning, other times for the sheer petulant fun of it. Often, it's hard to tell which. As a result, CrossFit is a workout and a company no conventional trainer or M.B.A. would ever have built. Glassman is sitting atop a firecracker of a company. And the relevant question is, as always, What's he going to do now? 

We’ll find out next week. Join us for just $20 -- including all the pizza and beer you can responsibly consume -- or become a Pando member and come for free (current members, confirm your attendance here.) It should be quite an evening.