Nov 9, 2015 · 2 minutes

Today’s the day!

At noon pacific -- 3pm eastern -- we’re taking to the airwaves with a very special radio show: The Pando Patron-a-thon!

How long it lasts is entirely up to you.

The show, anchored by the two of us, will feature special guest interviews with the stars of the tech world, listener call-ins, contests to win an array of startup-related prizes… and of course all of the horrible music you’ve come to expect from a show co-hosted by Paul. Expect a lot of Brit pop and top 40 country.

It’ll also include contributions from current Pando writers like Dan Raile, Mark Ames, Yasha Levine and the War Nerd -- along with Pando alumni David Holmes, Michael Carney and many more.  

Oh, and we’ll be giving away hundreds of free Pando memberships, sponsored by our wonderful Pando Patrons

It’s going to be a ridiculous amount of fun.

Hopefully it’s going to get us even closer to profitability too.

As we wrote last week, the goal of the show is to encourage even more Pando readers to help support independent journalism by becoming Pando Patrons.

Journalism is expensive, and that’s before we have to build a war chest to safeguard against legal (and other) threats. Our goal, as we explained back in June, is to [bring in enough subscription revenue to] cover the cost of our newsroom operations, and so make our journalism entirely independent from ad funding.

Since we launched the Patrons program a week or so ago, we’ve already sold well over half the available slots. 

By way of encouragement, for every ten dollars we bring in during the show -- from Patrons, new subscribers, or any of the other weird and wonderful things we plan to sell on air -- we’ll add one minute to the running time. Buy a $10 subscription you’ll add a minute, buy a $500 Patron slot and you’ll add almost an hour. We’ll keep going as long as the sign ups keep coming.

(Former NSFWCORP subscribers will remember we did a similar show -- the Conflictathon -- which lasted a ridiculous 27 hours.)

You can listen live from noon right here. That’s also the page where you can become a Pando Patron, and see the current running time of the show.

We’ll update this post throughout the show with audio clips and other highlights. In the meantime, thanks to our sponsors at Braintree who have paid to sponsor the subscriptions we're giving away in today's show, and are also providing their payment technology for signing up new Patrons. 

And, remember, the show is nothing without you: To join in the on-air fun, email or tweet @pandodaily. We’ll also be taking calls live on air -- tune in for the toll free call-in number!


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