Nov 11, 2015 · 1 minute

If you had asked me a month ago which entrepreneur from this year’s PandoMonthly crop I have the most in common with, I would not have picked Greg Glassman, co-founder and CEO of CrossFit.

In fact, he might have been the last one I would pick.

And yet…

At our last San Francisco PandoMonthly, Glassman detailed a company he zealously guards control over, one predicated on telling the truth without intimidation, willing to legally throw down when a fight is brought to them, which has never lost a legal battle, one unwilling to cash in on obvious ways to make money, one who spent four years writing constantly to build the core of his company, and one lead by a CEO who wants to be in this job for the rest of his career.

Aside from the physical, it was like looking in a CEO mirror at times. Down to the “unbuyable” T-shirt he dons in his press photo (Want). That quote in the headline wasn’t said by me. It was Glassman's.

OK, our politics are different. And I don’t swear as much as he does (No, really). But I came away with huge respect for what he’s built and his utter conviction in the way he’s built it.

Over the next few days, we’ll run several clips of the conversation, but here is the hour-plus interview in its entirety...