Nov 12, 2015 · 1 minute

There’s no tech angle to this story, but news is news -- especially when it happens on our own doorstep.

Yesterday afternoon, San Francisco police shot dead a man at Saint Luke’s Hospital, just blocks from Pando HQ. We have obtained a photo of the gunman, taken just moments before police opened fire, from a witness present at the scene. The witness has asked to remain anonymous.

The precise details of the incident are still emerging. A police spokesperson at the scene told me that a man in white “painters’ clothes” had ascended the scaffolding on the construction site adjacent to the hospital armed with a rifle and pistol just after 4pm, and that he was suspected of having robbed a San Bruno sporting goods store before arriving at the hospital.

The spokesperson said there had been no chase, and police didn’t make the connection until after the gunman’s presence at the hospital was reported.

SFGate reports this morning that police now say the man fired his weapon and pointed it at the hospital and at responding officers before being killed. No one else was injured.

The construction site was cleared, the hospital put on lockdown, and streets closed-off for many blocks around. Four media helicopters hovered over the site for hours.