Nov 13, 2015 · 1 minute

If CrossFit founder and CEO Greg Glassman is known for one thing -- other than, yunno, his defense of vomiting while working out, the acrimonious divorce that almost delivered half his company into the arms of a hostile investor, or his insanely litigious management style--  it’s his war against “big soda.”

Or as he calls them, “a particular cohort of assholes.”

He claims money from big soda -- especially sports drinks -- has corrupted nearly every corner of sports medicine and fitness, aside from Crossfit. It’s a topic we returned to again and again over the course of our recent hour-long PandoMonthly interview.

In the clip below, he lays out his case, why Big Soda is even more effective than Big Tobacco, and what CrossFit is going to do about it… even at the cost of bending his own beloved libertarian principles. “It’s amazing how little money Coke or Pepsi has to spend to get a congressman to do their bidding,” he says.

The upcoming battlefront: A case in San Francisco that puts sugar on trial. Glassman says it is “the Scopes trial of our generation.” “They need to lose it in an epic fashion,” he says. “CrossFit is involved in kicking a giant in the balls who is already down on one knee.”

More in the short video clip below. Members can watch the entire interview-- and all of our PandoMonthly interviews-- right here.