Nov 27, 2015 · 0 minutes

Had your fill of family and leftovers? Too… um, sane?... to go stand in line at Target to get a good price on a TV? Then cozy up on the couch and watch our most recent PandoMonthly.

Last month, we interviewed the co-CEOs and co-founders of Refinery29, Philippe von Borries and Justin Stefano.

Founded ten years ago, Refinery29 can’t even be spun by the laziest of journalists as an “overnight success.”

It was a fascinating conversation about starting a startup in New York before that became a thing to do, men building a “women’s company,” and why even in the current funding and valuation boom, only six content companies are worth north of $100 million. (One of which is Refinery29.)

I’ll post some clips from my favorite parts of the conversation next week. But if you are building or working at a content company, love stories of decade-long slogs, or are fascinated by the new breed of New York media moguls, you’ll want to watch the whole thing.