Dec 7, 2015 ยท 2 minutes

In a speech to  theBrookings Institution, Hillary Clinton has called on Silicon Valley to help win the fight against ISIS.

Reports the New York Times:

Hillary Clinton said on Sunday that the Islamic State had become “the most effective recruiter in the world” and that the only solution was to engage American technology companies in blocking or taking down militant websites, videos and encrypted communications...

In a reference to Silicon Valley’s reverence for disruptive technologies, Mrs. Clinton said, “We need to put the great disrupters at work at disrupting ISIS.”

Clinton is hoping that her message will be heard by executives at Facebook and Twitter and also at sites like IAC-owned, which publications as varied as Vice and the Daily Mail recently identified as one of the key battlegrounds in the State Department’s online fight against jihadis. Last year, the Washington Post ran the headline: "Inside the battle for, the site where Islamic State recruited three American teens."

Still, the strategy isn't without its risks, for Clinton at least. As the Times noted: asking tech companies to do the government's dirty work risks "risking putting [Clinton] at odds with technology executives and entrepreneurs," something which will likely come up this Christmas should Hillary happen to run into IAC board director... Chelsea Clinton.

Clinton's call on Valley tech execs to "disrupt" ISIS came after the Washington Post reported that the State Department’s own efforts to attack ISIS online had failed miserably. Clinton is apparently convinced that those efforts would be much more effective if led not by politicians or soldiers but by the tech bros of Silicon Valley.  

But why stop there? If Clinton does end up winning the presidency, we hope to see the following cabinet appointments made shortly afterwards…

Secretary of State: Jack Dorsey (Two days a week)

Secretaries of the Treasury: Tyler and Cameron Winkelvoss  

Secretary of Justice: Gurbaksh Chahal

Secretary of the Interior: Bradford Shellhammer

Secretary of Defense: Alex Karp

Secretary of Agriculture: Mark Pincus

Secretary of Commerce: Pierre Omidyar

Secretary of Labor: Travis Kalanick

Secretary of Health and Human Services: Elizabeth Holmes

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Brian Chesky

Secretary of Transportation: Shervin Pishevar

Secretary of Energy: Gary Vaynerchuk

Secretary of Education: Tim Draper

Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Noel Biderman

Secretary of Homeland Security: John McAfee