Dec 9, 2015 · 1 minute

The London Taxi Drivers Association has refused to apologize for a series of tweets suggesting that Uber might be employing an unknown number of Islamic terrorists.

The LDTA’S comments came after it was revealed that the perpetrator of the recent Leytonstone stabbing was an Uber driver, licensed by London’s TFL transport authority.  

Police have said that the motive for the attack by Muhaydin Mire was likely terrorism. Mire’s family say he was suffering from mental health issues.

After the Uber link became public, the LTDA tweeted the question “How many more out there?” with the hashtag #HeWasAnUberDriverBruv".

According to the Independent newspaper, the LTDA deleted the tweet but refused to apologize for the comments:

Steve McNamara, general secretary of the LTDA, told The Independent: "The reason [the tweet] will have been taken down is that we don’t think it’s very wise to make political headway over something so awful, but the reality is that he was an Uber driver and he was still licensed.

"The guy involved had serious mental health issues and yet he was still licensed as an Uber driver by TfL – the question that TfL needs to be asked is how many more people like this are out there?"


Mire had reportedly been driving for Uber since June but had not accepted a ride since August.