Dec 15, 2015 ยท 0 minutes

Fittingly at a time when our nation is ripped apart with Trump-goosed xenophobia, our last PandoMonthly of the year featured two immigrants, Alfred Lin of Sequoia Capital and Tony Xu of DoorDash.

We couldn’t open the interview any other way but ask the two of them about their families’ stories and what they felt while hearing the rhetoric coming out of the GOP’s leading candidate.

Their stories were remarkable only insomuch as they echo so many other stories. Lin remembers his parents telling him they were “temporarily poor” when they moved. Sure enough, he gradually moved up in quality of schools as they achieved the American dream.

Lin had a surprising final note on the conversation: That the Valley should try to do a better job of lifting up the rest of the lower/middle class in the country if it wants this fear to dissipate.

The full clip is below. More excerpts of our conversation coming this week!