Dec 16, 2015 · 1 minute

Here in San Francisco, it’s easy to lose track of which startups have actually reached escape velocity – that is, popular usage outside the valley – and which are only popular amongst the techies in the Bay Area and New York.

One fun indicator that an app or startup is legitimately gaining traction is when it’s namechecked, without further explanation, in a high profile network TV drama.  

In fact, some networks seem to go out of their way to shout out popular apps in their scripts: ABC’s so-bad-it’s-great show, “Mistresses” couldn’t seem to go ten minutes without a character mentioning Waze or Uber or Tinder. (No one ever seems to mention Lyft, by the way. Poor old Lyft.) And now it seems their “ohhhh please” FBI drama, Quantico, is following suit. 

As we’ve reported, one of the biggest fights right now is that among food delivery startups – Doordash, Postmates, Uber Eats and the rest. If you agree with my “as seen on TV” test, then one of those services just chalked up a win.  

Last night I finally got round to watching Quantico's "winter finale." At one point, a character whined about not being able to get food delivered to Quantico and she bemoans the unavailability of...

...not Doordash.   Sorry Doordash. :(

...not Uber Eats (although Uber’s black car service is mentioned later in the episode.) Sorry Uber Eats. :(

….but Postmates! 

“Postmates doesn’t deliver here, I checked!” the character complains. And she’s right – I just checked too. The nearest delivery city to Quantico is Washington DC – and the only place in Virginia the company will deliver to is Virginia Beach. Doordash and UberEats are similarly unhelpful. The fictional character’s best bet would likely be Grubhub, or to just choose one of the restaurants on this handy list of Quantico delivery options.

It’s possible I’m over thinking this.