Dec 17, 2015 · 0 minutes

Everyone on stage at the last PandoMonthly is clear: Monkeys can not run these companies. Do you think the valuations and fundraising press releases of the “Uber of X” companies all make it look too easy?

Two guys betting on this realm would agree: Sequoia’s Alfred Lin and DoorDash’s CEO Tony Xu.

In our interview, Xu detailed how software isn’t everything and why faultless management is key. You’ve got no margins, three different groups to please, and immense time constraints to work with.

In this clip, Xu gets honest about why on demand isn’t a golden ticket. In fact, he got rejected from Sequoia the first time around, a decision Lin calls “a screw up.”

Watch the clip to see how that decision impacted Xu and how he made Sequoia change its mind.