Dec 28, 2015 ยท 1 minute

Our reduced holiday publishing schedule continues til January 4th, after which Pando will be back -- refreshed, renewed and ready for a pneumonia-free 2016.

But, even while we're away, we'll be bringing you occasional breaking news and updates on stories we've covered in the past year.

One such update comes today from Tellspec, the bullshit food scanning company whose founder threatened to sue us for suggesting it couldn't possibly deliver the product for which it has collected hundreds of thousands of crowdfunded dollars.

As regular readers will know, Tellspec has been shifting its promised delivery date for well over a year, and has continued to downplay the abilities of their finished device.

Earlier this year the company claimed it had begun to ship test units to beta testers, although Pando was unable to locate a single user who had received one. It then announced it was indefinitely suspending shipping due to a mysterious technical issue.

Now, however, the company has some good news! Via a stealthy update on their Indiegogo comments page, Tellspec says it has identified the technical problem, and promises shipping will “resume” in the New Year…

We had to upgrade the firmware so the units could tell when the battery was low and when Bluetooth was connected.

We are now sorting through these issues and we are confident that we will have them resolved so as to resume the beta shipments by February. Thank you for your understanding,

According to a separate update, shipping of the units to regular Indiegogo supporters is now due to begin in "Spring 2016."

Of course, a cynic might point out that Tellspec has so far missed every single delivery deadline and that not a single Indiegogo backer appears to have received even the flawed beta device. That same cynic might suggest that this might be yet another attempt to stall thousands of disappointed backers from demanding refunds while Tellspec continues to scramble for additional funding.

But it’s the holiday season: No time for cynicism! As far as we’re concerned, Tellspec will absolutely, definitely, 100% deliver its absolutely, 100% genuine magical food scanner in February. Huzzah!

In the meantime, in lieu of that food scanner, the company has posted this on its twitter account…

Happy holidays everyone!