Dec 30, 2015 ยท 1 minute

You might think if you were planning to send out a press release announcing that a former MLB executive was joining your cannabis tech company, you'd... uh... check with the exec first.

In the case of LA-based "BlazeNow," you'd be quite wrong. 

The following retraction, forwarded to Pando this morning, is a textbook example of the "ask for forgiveness, not permission" ethos of which the tech world is so rightfully proud.

You're an inspiration to us all, BlazeNow.

On December 17, BlazeNow regrettable sent out a mass mailing with the Subject Line "MLB Executive Joins Cannabis Tech Company." Additionally, the letter identified Jonathan Mariner, former CFO of Major League Baseball, as having having joined the advisory board and being an investor in our company.

For the record, the email that was distributed was not previously made known, reviewed, or approved by Mr. Mariner, or anyone associated with Major League Baseball. While Mr. Mariner has been an informal advisor to our company due to a family relationship with one of the co-founders, his nominal involvement was solely of a personal nature, and was in no way related to his role, nor associated, with Major League Baseball then, or in any manner in the future. Furthermore, Mr. Mariner has severed any formal ties to BlazeNow, and should not be considered associated with our company.

We regret having made this error in judgment, and apologize to Mr. Mariner and Major League Baseball for making such a misleading statement and implying that Major League Baseball had in any way been associated with, or was implicitly endorsing our company or its products and services.

Best Regards,

Mark Glover
Co- Founder