Jan 4, 2016 ยท 2 minutes

Happy New Year!

As we wrote late last year, Pando is finally profitable.

Profitability doesn’t just mean controlling our own destiny and safeguarding our independence, it will also allow us to make more hires, while bulking up our legal defence war chest -- an important protection given, to date, we’ve been threatened with a little over $300m -- million! -- in lawsuits from people who want to silence us. Profitability means that no matter who we write about, how highly they are valued, or how powerful they are, as long as we get the story right, we stay in business.

Just six months after launching memberships, our member count currently stands close to 4,000 and is continuing to grow fast. We have also sold just over half of the slots on our Pando Patron page -- a way for super-supporters to help us reach our membership target far quicker, while showing their support for independent journalism.

But! 2016 is sure to be a big year for Silicon Valley, and the wider tech world. With the Techpocalypse finally here, we're likely to see a whole new league of shady tricks being pulled by companies desparate to attract ever higher valuations. Which, of course, makes independent reporting into the industry more important than ever. 

Which is where you come in. Simply put, Pando members are the people who allow us to keep doing what we do. Without those monthly or annual membership fees we can't do the kind of reporting you've come to expect from us, and we can't afford to face down the bullies and opposition researchers who spend vastly greater sums to shut us up.

If you're considering becoming a Pando member, this would be a really really great time. To make the decision even easier (and as a late holiday gift from us to you) we're giving away a free trial month of Pando to new members, from now until the end of January, with no limits and no strings. 

As usual with these kind of offers, you'll need to cancel your trial before the free month is up to avoid being billed for future months. But we hate those "hope you forget" rebill traps as much as you do: If you accidentally miss the cancelation deadline and are subsequently billed for a membership you really don't want, you can email us any time in your first paid month and we'll refund you in full.

To get your free month of Pando, simply go here to sign up.

(If you'd prefer to pay annually, we'll give you a $10 discount off the yearly membership price. Go here to choose that offer.)

You'll have complete access to everything we publish, including the full article and video archive. You'll also be able to unlock articles for friends and colleagues.

Happy New Year -- and thank you for your support!