Jan 7, 2016 ยท 0 minutes



Hope you’re well. I’m a [huge fan/avid reader] of [Pando/Panda/TechCrunch] and wanted to reach out to you guys on behalf of [company] which has just launched [product] at CES.

[Product] is the first [category] to offer [feature], along with bluetooth connectivity and 12 hours of use on a single charge(!) It aims to be the [Fitbit/Uber/iPhone/Claude Debussy] of [something that has nothing to do with that thing]. It was recently nominated as best [very specific thing] at the [never heard of] awards and the founders were featured on [Nebraska] magazine’s “36 under 36” list. Tim Ferris described it as a “game changer.”

[Company] is backed by [VC firm] and [famous person]. Advisors include Guy Kawasaki.

If you’re in town for CES I’d love to set up a meeting with founders Josh American and Matt European so they could give you a demo and explain more about their vision. If not, would you be available for a quick call?

Let me know!

Sian Flack