Jan 15, 2016 ยท 1 minute

Yesterday, Foursquare announced a new $45 million raise and that its founder CEO Dennis Crowley was stepping “up” to executive chairman.

Investors were quick to do damage control saying the company was in a solid place and he wasn’t “leaving” the company, his role was just changing.

But this had to be a bittersweet move for Crowley. With Dodgeball, Google, and Foursquare he’s spent nearly his entire career banging his head against the same problem. He had a brief period where Foursquare was the darling of the tech world. But everything else has pretty much been a slog, where Crowley’s ideas were counted out and considered “stupid” and something people didn’t want.

I’ve never been a massive fan of the product, mostly because the check-in wave wasn’t appealing to me, and I didn’t have the Foursquare muscle-memory to become a regular user once the discovery aspects of the service became more interesting.

But it is hard not to be a fan of Crowley. Not just because he’s a “nice guy” in a sea of brogrammers, but because he genuinely seems to care about this mission so much. I imagine handing the day-to-day over to someone new is a relief after this long, but it has to feel somewhat sad too.

Crowley’s PandoMonthly interview with us -- back when I was pregnant with my almost three-year-old daughter-- was one of my favorites. He gave one of the best answers to our question of what he believes that few other people believe that I’ve heard. Essentially it was in the idea of Dodgeball/Foursquare.

Take a look…