Feb 2, 2016 ยท 1 minute

Now this is just getting sad. 

Two or three years ago, while NSFWCORP was still part of Tony Hsieh's Vegas Downtown Project, I remember Hsieh excitedly telling me his latest ambition: Downtown Vegas will become the "co-working capital of the world."

The plan involved hiring a world-class co-working expert who formerly worked at Nasa to build out a network of work spaces across the city. As with so many of Hsieh's plans for Downtown, the wheels quickly came off the vision -- the building earmarked for the first workspace was handed over to one of Tony's Cronies for a different project and the co-work expert left Vegas.

The vision then became about building a smaller network of spaces, under the brand "Work In Progress." Startups could hire work spaces and desks for monthly fees ranging from $49 to $1000.

That project -- co-founded by Zach Ware (a Pando investor via Vegas Tech Fund), Patrick Olsen and Josh Bowden -- was aparently much more successful. Both Uber and Postmates set up their Vegas operations in the building and any time I visited it always appeared to be bustling with local startups.

But, then again, this is Vegas and the Downtown Project we're talking about. Things aren't always as they seem. According to multiple sources in Vegas, Work In Progress is shutting its doors. In fact, according to one source, it already has. 

I should make clear that, as of right now, the closure hasn't been confirmed by Work In Progress or its partners. The company's website is still, as of the time of writing, allowing new member sign ups and its events calendar still lists events and "office hours" for the month of February. I've emailed Work In Progress and one of its partners for comment but have received no response. 

I'll update this story when I hear more.