Feb 8, 2016 · 1 minute

Last week I cited sources that Work In Progress, the co-working space inside Tony Hsieh’s Vegas Downtown Project was closing.

The space housed a large number of local startups and also the Vegas offices of Uber and Postmates. At the time, no one at Downtown Project would confirm the closure. [Disclosure: Tony Hsieh is an investor in Pando.]

This past weekend I visited Downtown Vegas and was able to confirm: Yep, Work In Progress is done.

According to people close to DTP, the space is no longer viable due to competing workspaces nearby. Locals tell me what that really means is that several companies based in Work In Progress are either out of business or no longer in Vegas. Of the remainder, the majority prefer to work out of free venues like the nearby (and non DTP) Public Us coffee shop. 

The closure is a pity: I rented a desk in WIP while running NSFWCORP and the space seemed well run, and genuinely useful to companies who wanted some distance from the Ogden live-work space where most of Hsieh’s portfolio founders lived.

It’s also yet another blow to Hsieh’s grand vision for Downtown Vegas. As I wrote last week, Hsieh once told me that he wanted Vegas to become “the co-working capital of the world.” Unfortunately Work In Progress only briefly succeeded in being the co-working capital of Vegas.