Feb 8, 2016 ยท 2 minutes

Update: We've now given away all of the free memberships available. Thanks to everyone who grabbed one! The free sign up link no longer works, but you can (of course) still grab a regular paid membership right here

Ask and ye shall receive! Our sponsored membership offer is now open to all sharing economy workers

On Friday, we announced that we're giving away free Pando memberships to drivers for Uber and Lyft, sponsored by our very generous Pando Patrons. We wanted to make it possible for underpaid drivers to read our coverage of their bosses without having to put themselves in an even more precarious financial position. 

The response was overwhelming with a big chunk of the 500 available memberships being snapped up in the first few hours.

We also received a deluge of emails from workers for other sharing economy services. “What about us?” they cried. “We’re underpaid and overworked too!”

“Fair point!” we said. As of today, we’ve extending the free membership offer to anyone who works as a service provider for any sharing economy company. That includes car sharing drivers, food service delivery workers, Instacart and Amazon drivers -- anyone like that. It doesn’t include regular employees of Uber, Lyft et al, and it certainly doesn’t include highly paid execs. This offer is purely for underpaid workers in the sharing economy.

A few other things to note (as we wrote on Friday):

The only way we could give away this many subscriptions all at once, without building a whole new subscription system (or processing everyone manually), was to use a modified version of our standard sign up page. For that reason, you will be asked to enter your credit card info when you register. This allows us to verify your identity and also protects against bulk/automated signups. You will also get an automated "thanks for your payment" email when your membership is approved but you can safefly ignore it. WE PROMISE: YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED ANYTHING, AT ALL, EVER.

If you really, really don't believe that we won't charge you - or if don't have a credit card - email driveroffer@pandodaily.com with your name, email address and a message stating you drive for Uber or Lyft [update: or work as a service provider any other sharing economy company] and we'll process your request manually as quickly as we can. We can't promise we'll have enough free subscriptions to grant every request. When they're gone, they're gone!

We may contact you to verify your status, but generally speaking we're operating on an honor system. If you're not a qualifying service provider, or if you don't need a free membership, please leave them for those who are/do. Please don't take multiple memberships or otherwise abuse the system. We reserve the right to cancel any free memberships, at any time, for any reason.

This offer isn’t available to anyone who is already a Pando member (sorry.)

You  you can get your 100% free one year Pando subscription here. Hurry! When they're gone, they're gone. [Update: They're gone!]


(If you'd like to support Pando's journalism by becoming a Pando Patron, there are still a few slots available. Go here for details on how you can help give the gift of Pando while supporting our journalism.)