Feb 11, 2016 ยท 1 minute

A few weeks back, Team NSFWCORP launched a Patreon campaign to bring back our NSFWLIVE radio show to cover the US presidential election.

Amazingly, the campaign beat its target in just a couple a days and we produced a pilot episode just in time for the Iows caucuses. Earlier this week the action moved to New Hampshire and we headed to the studio for our first live show of NSFWLIVE '16.

I was joined live by Mark Ames, James Aylett and Sarah Lacy to talk about Sanders and Trump's victories in New Hampshire, and what that means for America and the rest of the world. We also debated why young Americans are suddenly fine identifying as socialist, compared The Sinclairs (Upton and Lewis) and then tried to figure out which candidate, if any, is the true choice of Silicon Valley. 

If you missed hearing us live, you can listen to the whole thing below. 

This show is only possible thanks to the generosity of Patreon backers. We're ludicrously grateful for their support, especially as we creep ever closer to our stretch goal which will allow us to take the show weekly.