Feb 17, 2016 · 1 minute

A Florida court has banned Uber from using the name Uber Events to promote its services in at least one city in the state.

Uber launched Uber Events last year as a tool for event planner to pre-pay rides for their guests. Shortly afterwards, Gainesville-based event planning company Uber Promotions filed a lawsuit against the ridesharing giant, claiming trademark infringement.

Specifically, the company claimed that Uber’s “controversial” reputation was putting off clients and also causing Uber Promotions to be banned from venues which already had a “no Uber” policy.

According to Uber Promotions’ lawyer, the confusion was “making it difficult for our client to provide services.”

According to the lawsuit:

“Plaintiff has been harmed in the sense that defendant has created a strong negative connotation between the term ‘Uber’ and transportation services ... Defendant’s acts were done wilfully and maliciously, and with specific intent to imitate plaintiff,”

Now, according to Law360, a Federal judge has sided with Uber Promotions, issuing a temporary injunction banning Uber from using the Uber Events name on Uber Promotions’ patch. The injunction does not bar Uber from using the trademark for other services.